Summa F1612

One machine, countless possibilities.

Summa’s Professional Flatbed Finishing System is an award-winning solution for producing innovative signage, displays, samples, packaging applications, and more. Summa launched a completely new cutting product line based on 25 years of expertise building the world’s very best cutting plotters. These advanced engineered cutting tables are capable of cutting sheet and rigid materials as well as roll stock.

With this machinery added to our ever growing plant list, we can cut, crease and route any shape out of almost any material. 

Lombardi Victory 10

The Lombardi Victory Ram punching machine is made for any size run and cuts almost any shape inside a 260mm square! Ideal for round cornering a large run of cards or to add shape to any promotional material.

Suitable for the production of about 1.000.000 labels of high precision, hourly. It’s totally hydraulic-operated, with a push-cube self-adjusting to every position of the “V” hold where the pack is positioned, in order to obtain an homogeneous pression and distribution of the paper.  

Such has a photoelectric cell which gives maximum safety to the operator and allows a quick change of the hollow punch and is adaptable both for low and medium production. For strokes number per minute and largest dimensions of labels the VICTORY is the best Label Punching Machine.

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